Sentricon® is the environmentally responsible termite treatment

blogearthdaygirlworldBy choosing to protect your home from termites with the Sentricon® System, you’re also helping the environment. Sentricon eliminates the entire termite colony — and it can do so with just a few grams of active ingredient. Good news for you. Bad news for termites.

  • By eliminating the need for liquid soil treatments, Sentricon saves millions of gallons of water annually.
  • Annual service visits reduce carbon footprint — Sentricon with Always Active™ technology can require fewer service visits.
  • Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award recipient in 2000 — The original formula of Sentricon is the only termite control product to receive this environmental award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This award recognizes technical innovation that incorporates environmentally responsible chemistry into its design, manufacture and use. The original Sentricon System received this award based on the low impact on human health, low toxicity to nontarget organisms and low potential for groundwater contamination. Additionally, the active ingredient was registered under the U.S. EPA Reduced Risk Pesticide Program. 

The Sentricon System is the environmentally responsible way to prevent and eliminate termites and has protected more than 4 million homes. Ready to start protecting yours? Find your local Certified Sentricon Specialist™.