Spring-clean to Avoid Pests

Spring-cleaning is a great time to work on preventing pest infestations. If you don’t get ahead of it now, you may be paying for it later.

Termite swarming season usually begins in early March and lasts through June, following the warm weather as it moves northward. Follow these tips to prevent termite infestations:

  • Seal interior and exterior cracks in and around your home. Keep an eye out around doors and windowsills for shed termite wings, which is a sign that termites have already moved in.
  • Vacuum regularly to keep your living areas free of pests and debris.
  • Clean pantries and closets thoroughly and toss out any excess food. Keep food containers and nonperishables tightly sealed. If there’s an available food source, pests will find it.
  • Wipe down all counters, wash dirty dishes and remove trash daily to avoid accumulation of any remnants of food that may lure pests.
  • Don’t feed your pets outdoors, as you could leave food on the ground. Don’t forget about your bird feeder either. Keep the ground tidy, otherwise you’re setting the dining table for pests.

A clean home is a happy (and pest-free) home. Another thing to add to your to-do list? Contact a Certified Sentricon Specialist™ for a termite inspection to make sure your home is protected as we move into the warmer months.