Ten facts you need to know about termites

Many homeowners may not realize their home is an easy target for termites. Even worse, termites may already be eating you out of house and home. Either way, termites are a problem that can’t be ignored. Here are ten facts about termites:

  1. A termite colony can contain 1 million or more termites.

  2. Termites have one of the longest life spans of any insect – some termite queens can live up to several decades.

  3. Despite appearances, termites are thought to have evolved from cockroaches and have been described as social cockroaches. Chances are, you don’t want either of them in your home.

  4. Termites are foraging and feeding machines, working around the clock. Termite colonies never sleep.

  5. Termites are found in more than 5 million homes on average each year in the United States. It’s estimated that termite damage costs U.S. homeowners $5 billion each year.

  6. Termites can be on your property or thriving in your home without any visible signs of damage. Even scarier, it’s common for two or more colonies to forage around a home at one time.

  7. Termites can travel more than 100 yards in search of food. If your neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor has termites, you could, too.

  8. Termites only need a 1/16-inch gap (the width of a credit card) to gain complete access to your homes’ floors, walls and ceilings.

  9. Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance since most insurance companies view termite damage as preventable. It’s something you can and should prevent.

  10. Unless you live in Alaska, your house is not safe from termite damage.

Termite’s aren’t called silent destroyers for no reason. Consider these ten facts about termites and assess your own risk. Using the termite risk assessment tool, you can discover the threat of termites based on the region you live in.