The Sentricon® System Deader Than Dead Tour hits the road

If you just saw a hearse with a 7-foot dead termite replica on its roof speed past you on the road, you may be a little confused.

What you saw was not a figment of your imagination, nor was it a prop for an upcoming comedy flick. What you saw was the “Coroner’s Caddy,” the cornerstone of the Sentricon® System Deader Than Dead Tour — a five-week spin across 12 states to get the word out that homeowners don’t have to live with the threat of termites or the billions of dollars of damage they cause each year.

The Coroner’s Caddy is making six stops to support Certified Sentricon Specialist (CSS) companies that are qualified to use the Sentricon system. This tour is hitting the road during peak termite swarm season in March and April to increase awareness of the lurking threat of termites and encourage homeowners to ask the right questions about preventative termite control.

Will the Coroner’s Caddy crawl to a neighborhood near you? Check out the Deader Than Dead Tour stops:

blogdtdtourNot able to come along for the ride? Rest assured you’re still reaping the benefits of the Sentricon system. With the Sentricon system, you not only get total termite colony elimination, you also get the technical support of Certified Sentricon Specialists. Have confidence in our pest control services with the Sentricon system, and let us help you give termites the boot.

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