Tips for Packing up Holiday Decor

The new year is here, and it’s time to take down holiday decorations and put them away. It’s helpful to have a plan to make them easier to unpack when the holidays roll around again. Holiday decor is a sneaky place for pests to hide out, so here are five tips to stay organized while keeping pests away throughout the year.

  1. Ditch cardboard boxes for plastic airtight containers — Invest in some heavy-duty plastic, airtight containers. That’ll help keep your cherished holiday decorations safe from both water damage and pests.
  2. Double-bag natural items — It’s best to double-bag natural items, such as wreaths and tree skirts, by putting them in their own separate bags before packing them away in those plastic containers. Make it tougher for pests to get in and make a new home in them.
  3. Clean outdoor items before storing — Clean all decorations, especially those that have been outside, before packing them up. There could be some pest hitchhikers just waiting to come inside your house.
  4. Label all boxes or containers — Labels on the sides and tops of containers make it easy to figure out what’s inside each box while in storage. It’ll help you help find and put away holiday items more quickly.
  5. Store in a dry, climate-controlled area — Sometimes the attic is the only place the decorations can go, but it’s best to store decorations in a place that is dry and not subject to extreme temperatures. Try to find a room or closet inside your home that can be used for seasonal decor.

Happy holiday packing!