What is Termite Awareness Week?

The goal of Termite Awareness Week, held March 11 to 17, 2018, is to spread consumer awareness about the extensive damage done by termites. As spring approaches, this is the perfect time to learn more about termites and the steps you can take to prevent termite infestations. Like most homeowners, you are probably taking a look at your home and property and wondering how you can improve it.

Termites are one of the most destructive pests, feeding on cellulose found in wood and paper products. Spring weather brings rain and warmer climates, so that’s when termite activity can really take off. Termites can cause $5 billion worth of property damage annually. What’s even worse? Termite damage may not be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners policies typically provide coverage for perils that are sudden and accidental, not infestations of termites or other pests that may have been prevented with home maintenance.

The National Pest Management Association will release a video this week to show what happens when half a million termites are released into a custom mini dream home. Don’t let termites do this to your dream home. Watch a sneak peek of the Tiny Termite House project.


The best way to keep your home termite-free is to choose a termite solution that tackles current infestations but can also prevent others from damaging your home. The Sentricon® system with Always Active technology keeps working around the clock, just like termites do. If you suspect you have termites, call a licensed pest professional immediately to determine the extent of the problem and receive a recommendation of an appropriate course of treatment. Early detection can prevent devastating damage.