Three Tips to Keep Pests Out as Temperatures Drop

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While we all know what’s coming, many of us are in denial. With fall in full swing, colder weather also is on the horizon.

We’re not the only ones preparing for chilly weather. All around us, insects and rodents are searching for protected spaces to wait out the long winter ahead. As sunlight hours dwindle, insects begin searching for a safe location to hide out during the winter. Here are three tips to help protect your home from pests in the coming months:

  • Check your firewood — Firewood is an ideal area for pests to seek shelter. While you may want to stock up on wood to burn in your fireplace all winter long, make sure you store it at least 20 feet away from your home to help keep pests from sneaking into your home. Take a close look at the firewood before you bring it inside, because there may be some pesty hitchikers hiding out.
  • Seal cracks and crevices — It doesn’t take much for a pest to get into your home. A termite needs only a 1/16-inch crack to sneak inside – that’s the width of a credit card! Check your foundation for cracks, and if there are openings, get them repaired immediately.
  • Seal windows and doors — Use weather stripping to seal all cracks around windows and doors to prevent other insects and rodents from crawling into your home. A bonus from sealing these cracks is trapping heat inside your home, helping lower your heating-related costs and keeping you toasty warm.

Pests are easy to overlook — especially with upcoming holiday excitement. In winterizing your home against pests now, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your pest-free home this winter.

Remember that pest concerns change with every season, so contact a pest management professional to target pests based on the time of year.

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