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The Sentricon® system is proven termite protection for sensitive sites where liquid treatments are not recommended or allowed. If you have active termites, Recruit® AG stations are ideal, and can be used even in food manufacturing, processing and serving areas.

Key Benefits

Trust the scientifically designed system most proven to destroy entire colonies — queen and all. After all, it’s not your house, it’s your home.

Starting now. Take no prisoners.

Using scientifically engineered bait to naturally enter their food chain, the queen and her entire colony are decimated. For good. And it begins working immediately if visible, active termites feed on the bait found in our Recruit® AG (above-ground) bait stations.

Green Chemistry Challenge Award

The original Sentricon system is the only termite product awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award for superior environmentally responsible chemistry.

Our specialists aren’t just trained, they’re certified.

Termites are too big of a threat for hit-or-miss, do-it-yourself attempts to protect your biggest investment. Our Certified Sentricon Specialists® must pass intensive training on the installation and maintenance of complete home protection. Twenty years and 4+ million homes later, your peace of mind remains uncompromised.

Science trumps termites.

The science behind Sentricon leaves termites helpless because they can’t tell the active ingredient is lethal. And in lab tests when given the choice, termites ate nearly 10 times more bait than wood.

Use Sites

The Sentricon® system solves termite concerns for:

Multifamily housing

Schools, hospitals and health care facilities

Hotels and hospitality facilities

Factories and warehouses

Government and military buildings

Food manufacturing, processing and serving areas

Why the Sentricon® system Is for Historic Sites

The Sentricon® system has been used all around the country at some of our nation’s most important historical sites. When it comes to preserving the past and ensuring that the future of these historic sites is secure from pests, Sentricon is the go-to for termite prevention.

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