Don’t take our word for it. Hear what homeowners like you have to say about the Sentricon® termite control system.

"Your home needs to be protected."

“Sentricon kills the termites before they’re allowed to do any damage. Your home needs to be protected. Once termites start ruining things, it just progressively gets worse and damage is expensive. Way more than the cost of the contract.”

—Bettie Samford



"The ultimate convenience for great protection."

“I like that I don’t have to think about it and it’s not invasive. I don’t have to wait a day or a few hours for the pest control operator to come make sure any liquid treatment is absorbed. I don’t have anything to worry about with it in place. It’s the ultimate convenience for great protection.”

—Kristin Peney



"I don’t even think about it."

“What I like best about having Sentricon is the satisfaction that comes from knowing that my home is protected from the threat of termites. With Sentricon, it’s there and I don’t even think about it. The ease and reassurance that it’s there and protecting my home at all times.”

—Joseph Wade



"You need to have termite protection."

“When I sold my other house, we had had termite damage. So when you sell your house you have to report your damage. But by saying that I had Sentricon installed and we had no more damage, it made it easier to get the termite bond. I would say it’s like having homeowners insurance. You need to have termite protection.”

—Ann Zimmer-Shepherd



"The best thing about Sentricon."

“The best thing about Sentricon is that I have dogs and there’s no chemical. That is basically why I haven’t wanted to change. I have animals and I don’t like the chemicals.”

—James Bronstein



"More than just monitoring."

“I like that it is an active program, more than just monitoring. Additionally, the real convenience was that I was able to bundle Sentricon with my other purchase.”

—Bob Boham