Dow AgroSciences introduces Recruit® AG FlexPack™


Recruit® AG FlexPack™ termite bait is the latest innovation for the Sentricon® System. Recruit AG bait stations are designed to initiate immediate feeding and the colony elimination process whenever subterranean termite activity is accessible above ground. Recruit AG FlexPack was developed to be moldable to allow installation around corners, over baseboards or trim, and in tight or angled locations. It can also be used with the hard plastic case designed to be mounted on flat surfaces.

Recruit AG features the proven active ingredient noviflumuron, but in a new briquetted fines formulation. Label directions for the Sentricon System with Always Active™ technology allow service only once per year. There is no defined service frequency for the Recruit AG FlexPack when used along with in-ground Sentricon stations.

Used in conjunction with Sentricon System in-ground stations, Recruit AG FlexPack is proven to eliminate termite colonies and the termite threat to properties.

Recruit® AG FlexPack™ will be available to Certified Sentricon Specialists™ soon, says Peter Roth, product manager with Dow AgroSciences. Recruit AG FlexPack is registered for use in every state except Alaska.

“Recruit AG is an effective component included in the Sentricon System. Uniquely, Recruit AG is labeled for use in food manufacturing, food preparation and food service areas,” he says.


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