5 Considerations When Buying a Home with Termite Damage

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Termite damage to baseboards of home

You spent time searching and visiting home after home until you found “the one” – your dream home. Then, your home inspector finds termite damage. A deal breaker? It doesn’t have to be.

But, do you know the right questions to ask? To make the best possible decision for you and your family, consider the following:

1. Does the home have a history of termite infestations?

Requesting that the seller provide information on the history of termite infestations is a good place to start when assessing the damage to the home. It can help to put the extent of the damage into perspective. And, in some states, sellers are required by law to disclose this to potential buyers.

2. How extensive is the termite damage?

Understanding the severity of the damage will help you make the most informed decision. The good news: damage that is localized is relatively easy to fix. The bad news: widespread damage can be more challenging and more costly to fix.

Not an expert on termite damage? Home inspectors know a lot about homes, but they likely lack the deeper termite knowledge needed in order to make the right decision. Your local Certified Sentricon Specialist® (CSS) can provide a comprehensive inspection to help you make an educated decision that won’t fill you with regret later.

3. How do we know if the home has an active termite infestation?

As part of their comprehensive inspection, your local CSS will determine whether there’s an active infestation or if the termite damage originated from an infestation that was treated but not repaired. If there is an active infestation, your CSS will provide recommendations on the best treatment approach, such as using the Sentricon® system, the standalone termite solution.

Once installed, Sentricon immediately gets to work eliminating any remaining termite colonies while also protecting your home from future termite problems.

4. How can you ensure termite damage is repaired properly?

No matter when the repair happens – before or after the sale – it’s important to hire a trusted company to do the work. Not only will a reputable company have the expertise to ensure the repairs are done properly, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that your home is structurally solid. Your CSS may be able to recommend a vendor that specializes in termite damage repair, so you can be sure the repairs are done right. 

5. Can termites return?

Unfortunately, there’s always a possibility that a new termite colony may invade a home. That’s why prevention is key. Avoid future damage and headaches by protecting your home with the Sentricon® system. Once installed, Sentricon eliminates any existing termite colonies and continues to protect your home from future damage by eliminating new termite colonies looking to feed on your freshly repaired home.


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