Termites, ahoy! Recruit® AG keeps home afloat in Maryland

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In September 2014, Home Paramount Pest Control in Baltimore, Maryland, was approached by a gentleman named Henry with a unique problem: Termites had come aboard his 14-by-40-foot houseboat. Unfortunately, the termites took control and Henry had to gut the boat completely. He was contemplating selling the vessel, but first he made a call to Home Paramount. Here’s how they, along with Sentricon® Recruit® AG (above-ground) termite bait, kept Henry and his boat afloat.

termite swarm season

The background

Henry purchased the boat in April 2010 from a local marina and had kept it docked for four years as he worked on it.

Last year, Henry noticed damage along the fiberglass in the main cabin (photo at right). It was unknown when the feeding began, but further inspection turned up significant damage throughout the boat.

termite swarm season

The damage

There were mud tubes everywhere. Termites had destroyed the floorboards and surfaces on the bottom of the boat. There were visible termites in the carpeting, and they had even started eating through a stack of paperback books.

termite swarm season

The solution

In September 2014, Home Paramount Pest Control installed at least 14 Recruit AG stations in the houseboat. Because of the extensive damage, the stations were monitored throughout the year until the Certified Sentricon Specialist™ concluded that the colony had been eliminated on Henry’s houseboat.

“This boat had tons of damage,” says Jeremy Adamson, a former sales representative with Corteva Agriscience, manufacturer of the Sentricon System. “In fact, there was so much damage that it would likely have caused the boat to sink eventually. Our Recruit AG termite bait is the only product out there that could solve this issue. This was a unique opportunity that only Sentricon was fit to resolve. We knew that once they [the termites] started feeding on one of the stations, we were confident the colony would be eliminated and problem solved.”

The good news is that Henry is pleased and he could resume work on his houseboat after not being in it all summer. He says, “I’m glad they [the termites] are gone. Now I can figure out what to do with this boat.”

This boat owner finally got peace of mind knowing his houseboat was termite-free for the first time in years. This is a great example of how Recruit AG is proven to eliminate termite colonies above-ground — and on a unique structure such as a houseboat. To learn how to protect your investments from termites, call your local Certified Sentricon Specialist.