Am I Still Protected From Termites After a Flood?

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As recovery is underway following devastating hurricane winds and flooding, homeowners may have questions about their termite protection.

If you have termite protection with the Sentricon® system, the first thing you should do is contact your Certified Sentricon Specialist® for a service visit. They’ll be able to inspect your yard and answer any questions that are specific to the region you live in.

Here are some flooding facts to know about the Sentricon system:

  • Termite protection with the Sentricon system is not impacted if the bait stations remain in place. Sentricon stations may need to be uncovered in some situations or replaced if missing. That is something that your Certified Sentricon Specialist can take care of if it is included in your service contract.

  • Recruit® HD termite bait is not impacted by flooding, even by salt water. A Dow AgroSciences study after Hurricane Matthew (2016) showed the bait remained fully effective even after extended soaking in salt water.

  • Research has shown there is virtually no potential for noviflumuron, the active ingredient in Recruit HD to leach outside the Sentricon station. Even after three months in water, noviflumuron remains in the matrix and does not move into the surrounding environment.

If you are protecting your home from termites with the Sentricon® system and have experienced heavy flooding in your area, have an inspection from a Certified Sentricon Specialist to be reassured that your property remains protected from termite attack.

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