4 Reasons Why a New Home Needs Pest Control Services

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It is an exciting and stressful time when you choose to build your new home. The U.S. Census Bureau recorded nearly 1.7 million residential building permits approvals in February 2021 alone.

Whether you’re building a trendy ranch or a cozy cottage in the woods, you’re feeling the pressure of making important decisions during the construction process. Picking out your paint colors and plumbing fixtures can be time-consuming, but few decisions are as important as selecting the right pest control to protect your new dream home.

Here are four reasons to add pest control to your homebuilding punch list.

  1. You’ve created the perfect home.
    It’s not only the perfect home for you, it also can be the perfect home for pests. Construction creates environments that are suitable for pests, such as termites. During construction, wet lumber produces conditions that are conducive for termites, inviting them into the home unseen. Talk about an unwelcome houseguest.
  2. Landscaping is your next project.
    You’ve put the finishing touches on your new home. Now what? It’s time to tackle your dirt pit of a yard. Filling up your lot with blooming bushes and trees will make your curb appeal look great, but without proper pest control, you are opening up your home for attack. Common landscaping decisions such as wooden fences, trees and firewood piles close to the home are a welcome mat for pests.
  3. It’s time to invest in your future.
    It took months of picking out the perfect floor plan and flawless finishes for your new home. You wouldn’t build this beautiful house and not invest in homeowners insurance, so make sure you are taking steps to protect your home from this underground threat. A brand-new house won’t stop pests in their tracks. Don’t live with the threat of termites or the billions of dollars of damage they cause each year. Damage caused by pests is rarely covered by homeowners insurance, so consider purchasing pest control to help protect your biggest investment and eliminate the chance of future attacks to your dream home.
  4. You need to seek professional help.
    From plumbing to electrical, you look to the pros for their experience and knowledge during the construction process. Only the best put their professional touch on your home. You’ve come so far — don’t use DIY methods to eliminate pests in your home.

It is critical to seek professional pest control to get the best results. Frequent and through inspections of your home by a Certified Sentricon Specialist® are important to protecting your home from termite attacks.

Certified Sentricon Specialists are top-notch pest professionals who have gone through vigorous certification to aid homeowners in the fight against pesky termites. Want our termite pros to help protect your dream home? Find a Certified Sentricon Specialist in a neighborhood near you to start your journey with the Sentricon® system today.

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