The 3 Things Termites Love

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Termites are a resilient species. As with any living being, there are key factors which allow them to thrive. Humans need food, water and shelter. Termites need food, moisture and shelter. Basically, we’re very much alike.

So how do we begin to eliminate termites? It’s simple: Know what to look out for and cut them off from what they need.


In the case of termites, cellulose wood is their food. Subterranean termites move from the soil into structures and attack and consume structural wood.  Eliminate conducive conditions such as wood to soil contact around your home to stop termites from building termite tunnel highways directly into your home and causing structural damage.


Termites find shelter in the smallest of cracks and tubes. Being enclosed from the outside world gives their species a secure place to live and thrive.


Similar to humans’ need for water, termites require a significant amount of moisture to thrive. Any areas in your home that are damp are ripe for termites. Dehumidifiers can help resolve this. And always be on the lookout for mold.

Now that you know what termites need, make sure you’re not providing it! Call up your local Certified Sentricon Specialist today and get your home inspected to ensure that you don’t become the victim of a termite infestation.

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