What Sentricon®, THE Standalone Solution, Means for PMPs

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Two Sentricon stations and bait materials on a tree stump

Pest management professionals (PMPs) looking for a new tool in their toolbox need look no further: the Sentricon® system is THE standalone solution for every termite situation, ensuring total colony elimination and homeowner satisfaction every time.

Follow along as we answer some questions about using Sentricon as the best — and only — termite solution. 

What is a standalone termite solution?

For colony elimination, the Sentricon® system is the only product you and your customers need for any termite situation. The Sentricon system with Always Active technology is for both active infestations and preventative situations, making it a standalone termite solution that guarantees 24/7/365 protection of structures.

Research continues to prove that the Sentricon system eliminates termite colonies, with 70+ scientific studies reinforcing the efficacy of Sentricon. These studies are true of both in-ground Recruit® HD and above-ground Recruit® AG FlexPack® bait stations, which provide additional solutions for hard-to-reach infestations in attics, trees, boats, basements, interiors and elsewhere. Rest assured that, regardless of where termites are active, the Sentricon system has a complete solution for the infestation, and you have an effective solution for your customers.

What are the business benefits of using Sentricon as a standalone solution?

A proven standalone solution is better for business. The Sentricon system enhances your profit potential through recurring revenue, higher margins and an industry-leading 92% customer retention rate.

The standalone solution also may reduce the need for specialized termite service crews, saving PMPs on costs by allowing individual technicians to completely service every customer on their route in one trip. These “universal technicians” can significantly reduce route times, putting time back in your schedule to focus on what matters most: servicing more customers.

Lastly, the Sentricon system can be bundled and cross-sold with general pest services, which creates higher long-term value for your business.

Why is the Sentricon® system the ideal solution for homeowners — my customers?

According to homeowners, no name in the termite elimination business carries as much weight as Sentricon. Consumer research shows that the Sentricon system is the most ideal termite solution and the No. 1 brand in termite protection.1

Additionally, homeowners value the Sentricon system because it functions similar to insurance against future termite attacks — hence 5 million structures are already protected by the Sentricon system, and 9 in 10 homeowners choose to continue protecting their homes with Sentricon. Together, these benefits make the Sentricon system the most effective and trusted solution available to customers, which translates to valuable profit potential for your business.

Why is a standalone solution better than other termite barrier treatments?

Baiting with the Sentricon system makes the most sense. Studies show that compared with other solutions, revenue growth is projected to continue for termite baits, and the Sentricon system is the leader in that category. The Sentricon system also reduces liability risks and eliminates labor costs necessary for alternative termite solutions. In addition, the label for Recruit® HD technology only requires once-per-year servicing, creating further labor-saving options for you and your team.

Recruit® AG FlexPack® stations are another standalone benefit of Sentricon. With Recruit AG FlexPack stations, you’re able to treat above-ground colonies in high and hard-to-reach spaces both outdoors and indoors. This allows you to spot-treat infestations where they occur, beginning the colony elimination process immediately.

Recruit AG FlexPack stations also cover “nightmare properties” and other challenging infestations. When faced with termite infestations in basements, boats, attics, parking structures, office complexes, concrete slabs and other difficult places, Recruit AG FlexPack stations allow you to address termites where other treatments — and competitors —can’t, keeping you a step ahead where it counts.

What does a standalone termite solution mean for me?

Ultimately, the Sentricon system is THE standalone solution for every termite situation because it provides industry-leading business and customer benefits in a single standalone product. No other alternative solutions provide the same powerful combination of proven protection, colony elimination and business potential in one package.

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