25 Years of Protecting, Innovating and Growing

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picture of termite damage

Twenty-five years. That’s how long the Sentricon® system has proudly grown, protected and innovated alongside an industry of dedicated Certified Sentricon Specialists® and pest management professionals (PMPs) worldwide. Throughout the last two and a half decades, we’ve worked tirelessly together to defend our communities with the Sentricon system, the stand-alone solution that ensures millions of structures are shielded from subterranean termite infestations.


Five million. Over the last 25 years, nearly 5 million structures have been protected by the Sentricon® system, a number that continues to rise year after year. Homes, commercial properties, local historic sites, and even national monuments are safeguarded by the Sentricon system. This vast network of protection is made possible through both in-ground bait stations and above-ground stations designed to treat a wide array of properties, regardless of where termites are active. In addition to their versatility, all Sentricon stations are prepared with a powerful active ingredient, noviflumuron, a product termites prefer nearly 10 times to wood — an industry-shaping statistic that ensures termite colonies are efficiently eliminated. While the number of properties we protect is always growing, our purpose over the past 25 years and into the future remains the same: to provide homeowners, business managers and countless other community members with the best protection possible against termites.


Over 25 years, we’ve never stopped innovating. Since the inception of the Sentricon® system, every single component has evolved with industry research and consumer needs to ensure total colony elimination. We’ve developed tools to help technicians do their job more efficiently, including locator devices, scannable bar codes, Recruit AG® FlexPack® termite bait and more. This year also marks the tenth anniversary of the Sentricon system with Always Active™ technology. Always Active technology is an innovative milestone in termite baiting technology that warrants nonstop property protection from the moment of installation, providing customers with peace of mind. As we look to the future of colony elimination innovation, we will continue to advance our understanding of termite biology and behavior to eliminate colonies faster using more efficient labor tactics.


While we pride ourselves on our ability to protect and innovate, we are equally proud of how our efforts have helped grow and shape the industry. There are more CSSs now than ever before, servicing millions of properties across the globe. To help them achieve their goals, we’ve partnered with a broad network of pest industry leaders to help strengthen their business strategies and improve customer results. We’ve also grown our peer-to-peer network of the nation’s top PMPs, creating connections necessary for CSSs to collaborate and share valuable insights with each other that elevate the pest control industry standard. 

One thing is clear: We couldn’t have done any of this without the support of the industry, including the CSSs, owners, managers, technicians, salespeople and countless others who have made it their mission to protect the communities we live, play and work in every single day. While the past 25 years have shown us what can happen when we work together, we’re excited for what the next 25 years of pest management holds. 

On our 25th anniversary, we look ahead to a bright future. Termites won’t have that luxury.