DIY vs. Professional Termite Treatment

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Do-it-yourself can be great for many projects like sanding the deck, painting the walls, building a table and many more. But there’s one thing that DIY is no match for: termites. Although DIY may be tempting, any amount of damage should not be treated yourself. While Google may tell you that DIY home pest control is a quick-fix, termite treatments should be left up to the professionals. Here are three reasons why termite treatments should be left up to the pros.

  1. It can cost you MORE
    You may think that DIY can save you some cash, but it can end up costing you more. The damage that could be taking place in your home while you try to treat the problem yourself could cost thousands of dollars to repair. Additionally, the time and money spent trying different do-it-yourself methods can add up. What’s more, termites cost U.S. homeowners an estimated $5 billion each year. Given their costly damage, do-it-yourself termite treatments are not worth the risk.
  2. DIY termite treatments are time-consuming
    Because of the sheer amount of solution and application techniques out there, you might find yourself spending hours crawling, digging trenches and spraying. Pest management professionals are trained to find and assess termite damage and then select the best possible treatment. Since most homeowners aren’t experts about the biology and behavior of termites, they don’t know exactly where and how to treat these wood-destroying pests. Instead of spending hours trying to solve the problem yourself, a termite treatment professional can identify and solve your problem and free up your time to do other things.
  3. It can cause difficulties later on
    After many failed attempts at DIY pest control, homeowners may decide to finally call in the professionals. Unfortunately, these do-it-yourself termite treatments often make it more difficult for the pros to go in and install a solution down the road as the area has been contaminated. Save yourself time, money and a headache by going to the professionals first thing. A licensed and trained termite professional will inspect your home, know which areas to pay close attention to and can see the signs of termite damage that the untrained eye might not see.
While termites may be small, they have the power to destroy your home. While DIY pest control treatments may appear to be a quick, easy and cost-effective solution, termite treatment is not something homeowners should tackle alone. Hear from these Certified Sentricon Specialists on why DIY pest control is no match for termites.

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