Technical Training

Sentricon Recurit AG bait station located exterior foundation of building

To completely eliminate termites, think like a termite.

Total colony elimination is the result of science, extensive research and advanced technical training that puts you — the Certified Sentricon Specialist ®— in a league of your own. Here you’ll find resources and important training materials that will help you eliminate termites and give homeowners valuable peace of mind.


Sentricon University

Understanding Termites

Formosans and Sentricon

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Tackling the Unseen Threat of Termites

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The Termite-to-Bait Relationship

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Product Training

Communication and Installation Guidelines

Following best practices and installation guidelines will lead to better baiting results.

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Recruit® AG FlexPack®

Tackling a colony in a hard-to-reach spot? Remember the do’s and don’ts of Recruit AG FlexPack termite bait.

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Location Devices

How-To-Use: Locator


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Quick Tips: Sentricon Detector


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Don’t Hunt for Sentricon® Stations

The location devices for Sentricon are designed to make uncovering, checking and monitoring Sentricon® stations easier. The result? Quicker routes, more efficient installations and easier in-ground station replacement.

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