Location Devices and Service Tools

Certified Sentricon Specialist using scout location device

Find, install and monitor Sentricon® stations with ease.

Nationwide, Certified Sentricon Specialists® install thousands of Sentricon stations every single day. Keeping track of each station you install is part of the job — and it’s crucial when it comes to eliminating termites from the homes of your customers. Here you’ll find tools and software that can help you monitor colony elimination. 

Location Devices

The Sentricon® Scout Use Directions

Learn about how the Sentricon® Scout can help locate Sentricon® stations while out in the field. 

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Scout Frequently Ask Questions Videos

Access these five informative videos to get your top Scout questions answered. 

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Device Training

Gain valuable training on how to use the Sentricon® Scout, detector and locator. 

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