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Owner of Greenhouse - Brenton Cloud and family

Q&A with Brenton Cloud of Greenhouse Pest Management

Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Brenton Cloud, the President and Co-Founder of Greenhouse Environmental, to discuss Greenhouse’s position in the industry, the role Sentricon® system has played in their success, and his family’s pest control legacy.

Q: Can you share how you started in the pest control industry?

A: Brenton Cloud, now leading Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, continues a legacy started by his great-grandfather, Gene Cloud, in 1934 with Cloud Termite Pest Control. 

“Yeah, my grandfather did it. My great-grandfather did it. All my uncles and my father were in this industry. I truly grew up in the industry. It’s been putting food on my family’s table for generations. However, I don’t think anyone in my family has taken it as far as I have.”

Growing up in the industry, Brenton has taken his family's business to new heights, bringing a blend of tradition and modernity to pest management. Working alongside his wife, in November of 2018, they officially opened the doors of Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, which now has two offices and 35 employees.

Q: What sets Greenhouse apart in the pest control industry?

A: Greenhouse distinguishes itself through a hands-on approach and a commitment to sustainable pest control. Brenton actively participates in all aspects of the business, from door-to-door sales to fieldwork, ensuring his team embodies the company's legacy and values.

“Our Core Value at Greenhouse is helping people and protecting families… that doesn’t just mean protecting homeowners from pests. We’re helping our technicians, our CSRs, our salespeople, and our leadership team by protecting their families and giving them a sustainable career unaffected by technology disruptions.”

“So, you’re not going to find a more hands-on owner than me. From coordinating trainings to running installs, I think it’s important to be involved in all aspects of the business. I feel like that makes us a very cohesive company. But another thing that sets us apart, is that here at Greenhouse, we are all about sustainable pest control. That’s what “Greenhouse” means. That’s why Sentricon has been so important.”

Q: How has Sentricon® played a role in Greenhouse's success?

A: Sentricon® system has been pivotal in retention and growth, aligning with Greenhouse's focus on environmentally friendly solutions.

“Seeing the ineffectiveness of the products my dad and grandfather used compared to Sentricon…it just works so well. Not only does it align with Greenhouse’s focus on environmentally friendly solutions, but it has been pivotal for retention and creating lifelong customers. You put Sentricon in the ground, it’s statistically proven, you’re going to keep that customer. And only needing to check Sentricon systems once a year increases profitability contributing significantly to customer satisfaction and business sustainability.”

Q: What is Greenhouse's philosophy on customer service and retention?

A: At Greenhouse, helping people and protecting families extends beyond residential clients to include the well-being of employees and their families. Providing stable, rewarding careers in an industry unaffected by technology disruptions, Brenton ensures everyone associated with Greenhouse thrives.

Q: Are there any plans for Greenhouse's future you can share?

A: Equipped with Sentricon® system, Brenton and his team are prepared to go the distance. Continuously innovating and focusing on sustainable growth, Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control aims to maintain its legacy of excellence in pest control while expanding its reach and services, ensuring homes and families are protected for generations to come.

We sincerely thank Brenton Cloud for taking the time to share his insights and experiences with us. His dedication to his family's legacy, the well-being of his team, and the protection of families through sustainable pest control practices is truly inspiring. We wish him and the entire team at Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control continued success in their endeavors.

Brenton Cloud, Owner
Greenhouse Environmental LLC
1412 West Waters Ave, Ste 205, Tampa FL 33604
1 (866) 504-PEST