Research Confirms Less Time, Less Bait Needed for Total Colony Elimination

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Sentricon consumed above ground bait station

More might be better for some things, but when it comes to total colony elimination, only a small amount of Recruit® HD termite bait is needed — as proven by research from Dr. Nan-Yao Su and Dr. Thomas Chouvenc at the UF/IFAS Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center (FLREC).

The entomologists studied what duration of feeding on Recruit HD termite bait delivered a lethal dose to the colony. They were surprised to find that consumption to elimination was far shorter than originally thought. The research showed that just one day of feeding on Recruit HD termite bait is enough to deliver a lethal dose to 1 million subterranean termites. 

In another study, Dr. Chovenc determined that just 15.3 grams or a fifth of a stick of Recruit HD termite bait is enough to eliminate 1 million termites. 

“The Sentricon system is a standout in terms of efficacy. This research confirms this and demonstrates that just a small amount of Recruit HD bait can significantly weakened the termite colony within 30 days of the first feeding, highlighting the rapid and effective action of the Sentricon system.”
— Tara Beauregard, National Account Manager for the Sentricon system

The conclusion? Even with limited exposure time and a fractional amount of bait consumed, the Sentricon® system eliminates termite colonies quickly and completely. That means you can apply the Sentricon system quickly and confidently, knowing that total colony elimination begins as soon as the first termite starts feeding.

This benefits you and your customers because:

  • A single Recruit HD termite bait has more than enough Noviflumuron to achieve total colony elimination. When the Sentricon system creates a ring of protection around a home, the in-ground bait stations contain more than enough Noviflumuron to eliminate multiple colonies. That means you’re providing your customers with peace of mind and the best termite protection possible.
  • A single Recruit® above-ground (AG) station contains more than enough bait to achieve total colony elimination. Recruit AG stations are a versatile solution to hard-to-treat termite infestations because they can be placed directly on an active mud tube, ensuring immediate termite feeding. Because of that immediate feeding, Recruit AG stations can give homeowners peace of mind that their home is being protected on Day 1 of treatment. Recruit AG stations are especially useful for treating Formosan termite infestations that are more likely to exploit above-ground moisture to establish aerial colonies that can be difficult to treat using traditional methods. 


“Customer education is critical when using Recruit AG bait stations on an active infestation. While feeding is immediate, noviflummorun, the active ingredient in Recruit HD and Recruit AG baits, requires termites to molt to achieve elimination, which can take anywhere from 30-45 days.”
— Tara Beauregard

Backed by more than 70 scientific and 30 independent research studies, the Sentricon system gives you peace of mind that you're protecting your customers’ homes with the most advanced termite control solution on the market.  

“Sentricon is proven to start working on Day 1 of termite consumption, giving your customers peace of mind while swiftly and effectively achieving total colony elimination.”
— Tara Beauregard

As a CSS, you have access to the tools you need to take on any subterranean termite battle. Dig deeper in to research about the Sentricon system and termites on the Research Studies page.

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