Noviflumuron: The Active Ingredient for Total Termite Colony Elimination

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Noviflumuron enabled Certified Sentricon Specialists® to efficiently achieve total colony elimination, with fewer service visits. Learn how today’s active ingredient became the go-to for total colony elimination. 

Noviflumuron: the active ingredient used in the Sentricon® system to achieve total termite colony elimination. Combined with other crucial elements — such as Always Active™ technology, Recruit® AG bait stations and a flexible label — the advancement of noviflumuron helps Certified Sentricon Specialists® efficiently achieve total colony elimination, with fewer service visits. Found in millions of in-ground and above-ground Sentricon system bait stations from coast to coast, noviflumuron is the result of scientific research aimed at increasing CSS efficacy and ensuring homeowner satisfaction.

To that end, we’ll be taking a closer look at the active ingredient that, in addition to a host of technological innovations and expert servicing from CSSs, has helped establish the Sentricon system as THE standalone termite solution.

Building on decades of termite research

Noviflumuron was introduced in 2003 as the active ingredient of Recruit III termite bait. Proven efficacy at low doses is why noviflumuron has continued to serve as the active ingredient for every bait formulation all the way up to present-day Recruit HD and Recruit AG FlexPack®.

Similar to its predecessor hexaflumuron, noviflumuron is a chitin synthesis inhibitor that kills termites by stopping the molting process. That’s a death sentence for termites. Termites need to molt five to seven times during their lifetime. Noviflumuron is effective because:

  • It uses termite biology against them. Termite workers leave pheromone trails that lead back to the bait, so more foragers continue to feed and bring it back to the colony.
  • It’s slow-acting and undetectable by termites. Foraging termites feed and carry the bait back to the nest to share, efficiently transferring the bait from treated to untreated termites and delivering a lethal dose to the colony. Because foraging workers feed the rest of the colony, when they die off, the dependent colony members — soldiers, young larvae and reproductives — the primary queen starve and die, resulting in total colony elimination.
  • It achieves colony elimination faster than hexaflumuron, as it is inherently more potent and stays in termite bodies longer between molts.
  • It’s highly effective for economically important subterranean termites, including the aggressive Formosan species, even at low doses.

Further revolutionizing termite colony elimination

Research and development continued to push the envelope to provide CSSs with greater scheduling flexibility. The next bait iteration, Recruit IV, reduced the need for monthly service visits when introduced in 2006, with a quarterly monitoring label and double the noviflumuron than the previous formulation, Recruit® III.

When Recruit HD was introduced in 2010, it became the first termite bait to gain a once-per-year service label. Not only did Recruit HD contain more than double the noviflumuron as the formulation for Recruit IV but also it had another secret weapon: Always Active technology. The patented formulation of Always Active technology made it possible for the bait to stand up to subsoil environments, helping CSSs reduce labor while providing more convenience and peace of mind for homeowners.

We didn’t stop there. In addition to Always Active technology, we developed Recruit AG, a bait delivery system that would allow CSSs to place bait in direct contact with foraging workers anywhere they were found — on the interior or exterior of a property, on walls, in crawl spaces and attics, and more.

The Recruit® AG FlexPack® termite bait, introduced in 2015, was developed to make it even easier and more convenient to install above-ground stations in corners, around pipes or any other locations where termites could be intercepted. Beyond homes, the Recruit AG FlexPack can be used anywhere, including on boats and trees. The label also allows for use in food manufacturing, food processing and food service areas.

Better and faster than ever before

Today, CSSs are getting the job done better and faster than ever before. Not only is noviflumuron more efficient and effective at achieving total termite colony elimination when formulated with Always Active technology but also its annual monitoring label makes servicing the Sentricon system more convenient for you, the CSS, as well as the homeowner.

Sentricon won’t stop here — our commitment to transformation is stronger than ever. And, because of you, the CSSs who take the benefits of each innovation directly to homeowners, we are improving the communities in which we live, play and work, one property at a time.

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